Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Changes... Got engaged...and my "Crappie Wedding"!!!

Hey Y'all! It's been a while ....things have been going on in my life.... my son moved in...my daughter moved out...I have been remodeling my house mostly by myself...and lastly... I just got married to my sweetheart and best friend Joey...plus I moved to South Carolina...and now we are searching for the perfect place on the lake!
About the wedding... just a bit of info first... here in SC... they love to crappie fish... in MS, we pronounce it Crop-e...but in SC they pronounce it just like it is spelled...Crap-e! So on a hot Saturday morning my true love and I went crappie fishing... we were at our friends, Melodi and Danny's and in Danny's boat... when we got in after a very successful trip, Joey just out of the blue asked me if I wanted to get married that day on the boat! I said yes, well it wasn't the most beautiful of events as we had nothing but shorts and tops to wear and the wind was blowing as it was about to come a storm. I rigged up some earrings for the occasion...made with crappie fishing gig called sexy tails!  Anyway... Melodi rushed around and found a minister who could marry us...her daughter, Ray made us a strawberry wedding cake... Joey called several friends, to invite them...but even after talking to me, they did not believe him because he is always playing jokes on everyone... Meanwhile Danny readied the boat at the dock and Melodi gave me away and made photos...funny part was, even though we had not taken our license out of the truck , our wedding bands were back home 50 miles away...so we came up with a borrowed ring for me and a key chain to fit Joey's finger. Joey being the prankster and joker he is didn't fail me...as i was slipping the key ring on his finger and saying my vows, he said, in his Southern drawl, "I like my rang"... needless to say, I cracked up! Now this wedding might now have been a brides dream wedding, but it was such a fun and relaxed event that no one had time to get nervous at all...and did I mention Danny photo bombed the wedding pictures which made us laugh even more!
I hope I can keep this blog updated since now I am also painting fish on boards and being very domesticated. And I am becoming quiet the fisher woman!
 Joey and Elle

 A gift to Danny
 My fishing/wedding hat, note earrings on top !

 My New Husband...right before we had our
Crappie Wedding!!!
My largest fish I caught on my wedding day..

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