Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lettering clipart

I redid this design  with coreldrawx5 to laser cut wooden jewelry. you can enlarge it and make wooden letters for Front door letters, or you can use them for woodburning, embroidery, decorative painting. Look for more clip art designs on my Pinterest account.

Art of Katrina Estes Hill - another of my favorite artist

One of my Favorite artist Katrina Estes Hill

aka Mizippihippi

Check out her face book page for more...this gal will paint on anything... she also write children's books and it the best story teller I have ever met... because she is real and tells it like it is.

This is just one of many pieces of artwork by Katrina Estes Hill, aka Mizippihippi 


 These are very unique! Smells like different things, like food, and fresh cut grass and there is a story about each person and the artwork is hers too! I promise if you ever meet her, you will never forget her!

JUST INTRODUCED Good People Soy Candles by mizippihippi on Etsy, $20.00 Vintage Chair Painted in Mizippihippi Style. $295.00, via Etsy. 


Handpainted Vintage Coffee Table by mizippihippi on Etsy, $225.00


check her out on facebook, pinterest and etsy!

Buttterfly style clipart and it's uses

This set of butterfly designs can be  used to do embroidery, tattoos, stenciling, stained glass pattern, coloring page, etc...  Burn it onto a piece of wood or use it as a carving pattern...
Wouldn't the large one look great painted on the wall as a focal point! Or how about painting it onto a piece of furniture. Or an area rug! Do it as a simple black and white or make it with bold colors...