Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey all... sorry I have not been on for a while... been busy making patterns and building things, and painting things. Just finished cutting out a cute little toddler rocking rooster...have to go to the depot and pick up the garnet paint I want to use on it. it is the smallest rocking toy I have ever seen...but its for toddlers or just for decor. Still have to make the hand hold and sand and put it together. This is my first toy to build. I am going to be doing vintage toys including pull toys, games, toys from the 1910-1930. Simple toys because I think kids actually had more fun with them than kids have nowadays with computers. They got exercise and fresh air back then! 
I found some old books with toys in them...but not directions... I am changing some of them up. Older patterns weren't as specific back then. But they used to teach kids in school about woodworking.  I found some really cool games toys as well... My favorites are the scooters and wagons and pull toys. Acrobatic type toys simple made...but going to be a challenge trying to figure them out. 
A lot of the toys don't have measurements. I will even be making the wooden wheels for some of the toys.
I don't even have a shop or place to build. I have a small table and I am collecting wood and stacking it in a small little shed along with all my woodworking tools. But someday hope to have a large shop so I can really get down to business. Working outside can be a challenge with the bouts of rain and now hot weather is here.
Oh, and by the way... This little rocking rooster is only my second woodworking project... Yes I have most of the tools I need but I used all those for remodeling my house
I am also trying to design some simple small pieces of furniture.  And some of these  pieces will not have screws or nails in them...
I am just fascinated by how things used to be made for the home. And yes, I will be making a lot of it without electrical tools... Old fashioned hand tools.
So forgive me if I don't make post everyday... I am learning all the different ways of joining wood pieces. I am teaching myself and also look forward to pallet and reclaimed wood projects.
I have also been collecting old barbed wire, horse shoes, pallets, etc., and doing research on milk paints, chalkboard paints and wood joinery. And burlap...jute twine...
I will add photos asap.
My project to cut out today will be a few pull toys. I bought some nice finished plywood to do some of the toys with. And plan on getting some Pine boards this weekend . I am so excited about learning and designing! Got to get housework done now... rain will be coming Saturday-Wed!

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