Monday, August 4, 2014

Reproduction Vintage Wooden Riding Toys

I found some old 1919-1930 patterns and fell in love with them! They were a little hard to understand...but with a few adjustments and help from a friend who was good at reading such, They turned out awesome! I haven't gotten them all painted but will re-post when I do. They include a rockin' rooster, a scooter, a kiddie car which looks like a tricycle and a coaster. These I made as decorative only because if I decide to sell them, they will be sold with that intention. They are so cute and little...I think they must have been made back then for preschool children. They would look great around a Christmas tree or sitting with some older toys in a group. They are totally movable and the steering parts work. The wheel are made from wood and on these, I used cedar. I hope you enjoy them.

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