Monday, August 25, 2014

Clip art and coloring book pages can be used for more than you think~ Just another Something Southernelle Idea!

Kids-n-fun | Coloring page Fish Fish

Before using any clip art etc, for making things to sell, you might want to make sure you have permission, or read info on page where you get it from...most people won't care if you just use it for personal use... This cute little fish coloring page can also be used to make a rubber stamp. You can also use it to make a mobile out of cardboard, Use it as a pattern to make wooden fish, or use it as a tattoo.Use it as a pattern to cut cute fabric out and applique it on fabric. or you could also cut it out of fabric or pretty paper and glue it to the wooden one you cut out of wood... Use the pattern to do embroidery! Use to decorate a card... even use this one to do a wood burning...some you can use for laser engraving also, or stencils, or for scroll saw patterns... and you can use them to do print making as well for multiple prints...You just have to "color outside the lines"! Now, Do you Get the Something Southernelle Idea?! Visit my Patterns page on Pinterest...just click on the Pinterest icon on the site...I have over 2000 pins you can choose from...and when you do and find a pattern you like, but don't know what all you can do with it...message me on pinterest and I will see what I can come up with! Here is a link that shows you how to make a rubber stamp in case you want to learn... I love doing them myself and you can buy the lino and other tools online at art supply stores and most hobby lobby stores carry them as well...just be careful those tools are very sharp... you can search the stores and also sign up to get the 40% coupon! check out the printmaking post on this blog as well.

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