Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Patterns and more patterns!

 Good Morning!... It's a new day and a new beginning...Imagine the Possibilities!
Start a collection of clip art designs... because...Different patterns can be used for more than what they were intended...


Compass tattoo design that I have on my Pinterest site
Can be used not only as an embroidery design...but a tattoo, paint it on furniture, woodburn it, carve it, color it, stencil it on a wall, use it as base in a zentangle design. hey, how about stained glass design or a mosaic..limitless possibilities~
Compass tattoo design
 this pattern mosaic patterns - sun also from http://pinterest.com/southernelle123/patterns-to-paint-carve-embroidery-etch-quilt-wood/ and it's original site Free Mosaic Patterns - Bing Images 
where you can find some free patterns, can be used for more than a mosaic pattern...how about quilt pattern
is a Mosaic pattern how about embroidery, woodburning, carving, drawing or coloring...again just use your imagination!

mosaic patterns - sun

This cute pattern  from my pinterest collection Easter Egg Mural Madeline Bunny originally from  http://www.janbrett.com/mural_easter_egg/easter_egg_mural_madeline_bunny.htm
can be used for embroidery, coloring, painting, etc...
Easter Egg Mural Madeline Bunny

 This colorful pattern pink yellow owl originally from http://www.clker.com/clipart-pink-yellow-owl.html
can be used as painting design on furniture, quilt pattern, embroidery pattern, to make pillows, to cut out with a jigsaw from thin plywood to make a door hanger, cut the different parts out of felt or construction paper for a fun kids project...or cut from half inch plywood  and add rustic wire and bow, applique on a smock ...paint it, color it , etc!
pink yellow owl Click on the svg edit link and you can use the arrow tool and take this apart and use as quilting or sewing pattern, or click on each part and then click the color pallette and change the colors for ideas! just remember to save your editing so you can find it...
here's another cute owl... when you go to this site...you can download clipart...
Pink Owlette Clip Art
scroll down the page to find more cute clipart fun...http://www.clker.com/inc/svgedit/svg-editor.html

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